Kaash Aisa Ho Last Episode Review

I had gigantic desires from the serial “Kash Aisa ho” beginning from the day when the promos went air on the channel however it neglects to live up its desire.

The finale scene was colossal frustration for me. The serial could have been exceptional if not dragged excessively. I might likewise want to say that now a day’s groups of onlookers are extremely keen and clever who need to see contorts in each scene which let them not to switch channels while watching serial.

The script composed by Maha Malik was great with some solid discoursed however the major punches were missing. I have just a single question from the author that humayun saeed dramas what was the new with Irfa excusing Shayan only for her little girl? We have seen such sort of penances and bargains in parcel of serials prior.

Executive has made an extraordinary showing with regards to by dealing with such a powerless script in suitable way yet altering could have been vastly improved. There was time that when dramatizations comprises of 13 scenes however now a days I can’t comprehend that why chiefs, authors, makers are attempting to drag show to 22,23,24,25 scenes even it is a bit much by any stretch of the imagination.

Mohib Mirza has done great occupation as Shayan. Some may have loathed him for what he has finished with Irfa however he radiated perfection at whatever point he showed up on the screen.

Saba Qamar was stunning also however I should state that she have to demonstrate some flexibility by picking some unique characters as she has done same bechari, majboor sort of character in such a large number of prior serials.

Sana Askari severely should be cautious while picking her characters as she is continually going ahead screen with mind, narcissistic sort of characters.

Shahood Alvi acted exceptionally well and legitimizes the character of Dr. Bilal.

The title track was exceptionally amazing and Humreh channah did awe inspiring occupation by singing it in the way precisely it was required.

Generally speaking a disappointment from An and B generation house.

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